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Border Counties Forum


The Border Counties Forum – it's time for the Border Counties to stand together

At a time in November 2011 when the Government of the Republic of Ireland proposed to increase VAT to 23% regardless of its impact on trade in the Border Counties; at a time when the Northern Ireland Executive had issued its draft Northern Ireland Economic Strategy without any reference whatsoever to regional development, there had never been a more appropriate time for the Border Counties to make a stand and demand that both Governments make proper provision for the development and revival of the Border Counties. For too long the deprivation of the Border Counties has been allowed to occur. Consequently, business and living standards have suffered. This part of the country comprises over 1 million people. It is time that we worked together to promote our region.

It was time for the people of the Central Border Region and businesses to create a forum to prompt greater understanding of the needs of this region and to ensure that the respective Governments and local authorities North and South take appropriate action to revive the Border Region Economy and ensure that it comes out of this Recession. Furthermore, we should make it clear to the Government of the Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland Executive that we will not tolerate taxation measures which penalize the Border Counties or measures which fail to take account of the unique needs of the Border Counties.

With this in mind, a Linkedin Group called the Border Counties Forum has been formed at website  This will be supported by BLOGS on our website which will be linked onto the Linkedin Group page.

We invite people throughout the Border Counties to join this Linkedin Group and to join in the discussion. Out of this we may form the basis for a more structured lobby group to be formed in the future. We won't create miracles overnight but we may change a political mindset in a very short time.

It is time that we worked together to promote our region. Why can we not demand the formation of a Cross-Border Development company akin to Shannon Development www.shannondevelopment.ieexternal website   which would oversee development of the Border Region as a whole?

We want to express our gratitude to Aura Internet – www.aura.ieexternal website  – of Aura House, 40 Farney Street, Carrickmacross, County Monaghan for the provision of our website – www.bordercountiesforum.comexternal website  . As a gesture of its dedicated support to businesses in the Border region Aura Internet have provided their services for free in the creation and hosting of this Website. For further information on their services we recommend that you visit their website at .

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For further information please visit the Border Counties Forumexternal website on LinkedIn

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