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Case Studies


Border People provides case studies and frequently asked questions (FAQs) illustrating the dilemmas facing people who cross the border and suggest ways to resolve these.

These are real genuine problems identified by users of the website coupled with advice from staff of the Borderwise project, a cross-border initiative developed in partnership between Citizens Advice (Northern Ireland) and Citizens Information Board (Ireland).

Case Study 1 - Client was a single woman living in Enniskillen but employed in Dundalk for approximately 3 years; she was pregnant and wanted advice on her right to a maternity payment and on family benefits...more

Case Study 2 - Client was a married woman living in Lisnaskea who had been working in Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan since March 05; she had an accident at work and wanted to know what sickness payments she might be entitled to...more

Case Study 3 - Client was a frontier worker living in Donegal and working in Fermanagh.  His wife was the main carer for their 3 year old daughter who had a congenital heart disease.  Client was being made redundant from his job in the north and wanted advice on redundancy pay and benefits...more

Case Study 4 - Two employees from the same construction firm in Monaghan are laid off; one lives in Monaghan, the other in Fermanagh. For the first three months of lay off both workers are paid jobseeker’s benefits from the South.  They both have a family and ...more

Case Study 5 - A Northern Ireland couple with a new-born baby are moving to Donegal and wish to establish their entitlements with regard to benefits and health services. The husband is in paid employment and his wife currently receives Incapacity Benefit in the North, and they also...more

Case Study 6 - A single woman living in Newry and working in Dublin wants to know the rules relating to cross border tax and what her entitlements...more

Case Study 7 - A Northern Ireland couple with a 17 year old son have moved to Buncrana in Co Donegal. The husband has recently become unemployed and their son continues to attend school in Northern Ireland. The couple wish to know their entitlements with regard to...more

Case Study 8 - A lady living in Donegal is unemployed and in receipt of Jobseekers Benefit. She has been offered part-time work, a couple of days per week, across the border. She is concerned about losing her entitlement to Jobseekers Benefit for the remaining three days of the week. ....more

Case Studies - User Group 3 - Ann Owens from the Carndonagh CIC very kindly provided some Case Studies for the User Group on 20 May 2010 in Derry  

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