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JobCentre Online - Northern Ireland

Information applies to: Northern Ireland

JobCentreOnline external website is the public Employment Service website in Northern Ireland.

It contains all the JobCentres' and Jobs and Benefits Offices' current vacancies as well as linking to job vacancies in other European countries via the European Job Mobility Portal.

In partnership with the Social Security Agency, the site also has details of work related benefits. It is a unique site which links to a comprehensive range of other Jobs and Information sites.

There is a network of JobCentres and Jobs and Benefits Offices throughout Northern Ireland where you can get information on job vacancies. Staff will also help you get details of services, including how to join any of the programmes.

The Job search database provides an up to the minute listing of all jobs notified to JobCentres and the European Job Mobility Portal. external website

Cross border issues

Frontier workers - If you live on one side of the border and work in the other you may potentially have income tax liability both where you live and where you work!

Jobseekers can now use JobCentreOnline to search for vacancies South of the border.  All the jobs listed on the website are open to EU/EEA Nationals.

For further information please visit external website

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Last updated: 04 July 2013

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